The modern business world is becoming more and more reliant upon technology. Unfortunately, technology isn't perfect. Issues arise, files go missing, and error messages pop up at the most inconvenient of times. We at Hail Technologies understand that business owners cannot afford the downtime and stress that comes with these situations. We are here to help.

Steve Massey, owner of Hail Technologies, has been providing service to Batesville area businesses for fifteen years. Whether you are a two-person firm or an organization with fifty computers, Hail Technologies is here to make computers work for your business. As a business based on information technology service, we can assist your small business by:

  • Managing computer systems
  • Installing, managing, updating, and patching software
  • Managing networks
  • Installing, managing and updating system security (antivirus, malware/spyware, and spam protection)
  • Installing and managing firewalls
  • Managing "Line of Business" software
  • Remote and on-site monitoring of servers, desktops, and networks
  • Providing back up protection for servers and workstations

Don't let your technology hold you and your business hostage. Contact Hail Technologies and let us make your computers work for your business.